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1. This programme shall be known as "Awards in the memory of Late Eminent Scientists of Odisha".

Awards will be given to three students every year who secure first position in the following competitions organized by Odisha Bigyan Academy.

  (i) Science based Essay
  (ii) Science based Debate
  (iii) Science based Exhibition

As the Odisha Bigyan Acadermy is celebrating national Science Day every year in one of the Districts of the State in rotation,these competitions may be organised during national Science Day celebration by Odisha Bigyan Academy and evaluated by the pannel of judges.


Out of the winners of the competition from each catagory,the 1st position be named after a late eminent Scientists of the State.


The names of the Scientists for the year be decided by the Award Advisory Committee of Odisha Bigyan Acadeny from the beginning after the School is finalized to celebrate National Science Day.


A maximum of 10% of the allocation earmarked for the school for celebration be spent on awards to meet the cost of certificate preaparation and cash prize of Rs-1,000/- (Rupees One thousand) only each.


While naming the Scientists of Odisha (Odia by birth or domicile) for the award,their contribution to scientific developement in the State/region during their life time be considered.

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